Laboratory Museum of the Nuragic Age


An area rich in history and uncummon places

6,000 years of history. This is the starting point for describing a territory waiting to be discovered.

In addition to the obvious beauty of its landscapes, the history of this place is so old that it is steeped in myth and legend.


Laboratory Museum of the Nuragic Age

The historic building of the old railway station in Arzachena, Gallura, is home to the Museo Laboratorio dell’Età Nuragica – Labenur, a jewel in Arzachena’s crown, created to allow visitors to participate in the resources of the area, allowing them to undertake an authentic journey into the daily life of the Nuragic Age.


Our laboratories

Experiences of experimental archaeology at the Museum of the Nuragic Age

Nuragic pottery workshop

Reproduce Nuragic ceramics with your own hands using ancient techniques.

Discover in this workshop how man learned to create precious and delicate objects from clay.

Prehistoric painting workshop

Pictorial representations from the European Palaeolithic and the Sardinian Neolithic provide models for painting with ochres and pigments on paper or on a stone slab like prehistoric man.

Stone polishing workshop

At the Labenur Museum you can polish your steatite pendant by rubbing it with water and make the string to complete your very own original prehistoric necklace.


Our vocation is to be a multifunctional centre for the enhancement and promotion of the region’s natural, historical and archaeological resources and identity heritage.

This magical island offers countless ideas, stories and suggestions to fascinate travellers who have the patience to stop and listen.

All our services are designed to provide an original experience, tailored to the interest closest to the visitor’s desire for discovery.


How far back do you want to go?

Our guided tours take you on an exciting journey through the history of the last 6,000 years.


Designed and run by qualified operators, our workshops aim to explore aspects of the island’s archaeology and prehistory through the involvement of the participants.

labenur experience

Would you like to put yourself in the shoes of an ancient Nuragic man?

Take part in one of our experimental archaeology experiences to reproduce objects and artefacts using the age-old techniques of the first inhabitants of the island of Sardinia.

How to find us

Old railway station of Arzachena

S.P. 115 Arzachena – Bassacutena

07021 – ARZACHENA (SS)


Sonia +39 340 820 9749

Silvia +39 333 738 9973